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                                                                      ROAD TO RESTORATION VISION


                                                                                        Lonna Swann

The problem:  

Every generation has been taught by this world’s system, and we have allowed it to overpower God’s plan and system for our lives.  We have turned our minds, ears, mouths, eyes and our lives over to the media, internet, and other “worldly wisdom”.  It has resulted in selfish actions and dangerous, self-destructive and unsettling times in the “pursuit of happiness”.  It has produced ungodly thoughts, actions and “human morals” that change with the times.  Instead of trusting God and His systems, we rely on the worlds system to “fix” things in our lives.  IT IS NOT WORKING! 

The need:

We need to repent and return to God’s plan (system) called the Kingdom of God on this earth.  He instructed us to “Seek ye first, the Kingdom of God and His righteousness”.  He created the earth and all that is in it for us to thrive and succeed with.  When Adam sinned, it began the beginning of hardship for us,…but Jesus.  Jesus came to set us free from sin and death and gave us the keys to the Kingdom of God.  We have the keys to how to live in this world, and not be of this world. We have studied and listened to the world’s system so long that we have been “programmed” to believe in the world’s system first.  It is our go-to-system, and it is difficult for us to imagine ourselves without it and difficult for us to trust God.  We try to fit God into the world’s system…IT IS NOT A FIT, IT’S NOT WORKING!!!


To set ourselves apart to establish the Kingdom of God in our hearts, and our spiritual, financial, and natural lives.  To Grow Luxuriantly, Thrive, Succeed, and Be an Example and influence for the next generation and to the Body of Christ.  To build and restore shattered lives into victorious overcoming conquers that will reproduce after their kind through the power and help of the Holy Spirit.



To reach 100 Million people with a way to independence from this world’s system, and to do it God’s way, (The Kingdom of God.)



Provide a regenerative system with Godly principles that are in right standing with God, spiritually, financially and naturally, life sustaining, and reproducible.






A place (places) where “those that believe, and are on one accord, together and have all things common, and none will suffer lack. (Acts 2).  


1. A place, set apart, where God’s Kingdom is sought, studied, adhered to and obeyed.

2. Where the systems of God (Kingdom of God) and the example of Jesus is taught and practiced.

3. Where freedom from the world’s system is taught and practiced.

4. Where restoration abounds spiritually, naturally and financially.

5.  A forerunner example for the Body of Christ of how “live in this world but not be of this world”.

6.  An “incubator” for Christians, young in the Lord, to grow luxuriantly in the things of God.

7. An environment of all ages helping and with God-given gifts, talents, skills and abilities,.to supply each other’s needs, and further the Gospel. 


The young will help the old, the old will give wisdom to the young, and all will be equipped to accomplish God’s plan for their lives. Restoration from addictive and missing behaviors, in an atmosphere of God’s unconditional love, with the functions of the Holy Spirit. and the truth of the freedom in Christ Jesus.. Where the 7 Spiritual Principles of God, as found in Genesis (Organization, Sow & Reap, Stewardship, Authority, Obedience, , Agreement, Unconditional Love) the Functional and Spiritual gifts, and the functions and attributes of the Holy Spirit are studied, taught and practiced. Where God’s way, the only way, is taught and practiced and implemented in the areas of:


:Health/Food production


Natural living/stuff & things/property/housing

Environment stewardship


Communication/Holy Spirit


Inspired/inovative ideas

Law/Correctional/Justice: (God’s vs World’s) 

Facilitation system

World-wide exchange

Goods & Services (giving & receiving exchange)

With love, the goal/focus on:

Healing & Recovery & Restoration

Care Giving & receiving/healing

Child care

Physically & mentally challenged care/healing

Elder Care/healing

Wellness Care /Dr./Nursing/Prevention/healing

  Environmental /sustainability the goal:

Vocational/professional skills

Food production

Property/ Facilities/building

Witty Ideas & Solutions

Utilities & Infrastructure

Equipment and Supplies

Storage/ Facilities/Management

Water Management/Utilization/Marine

Transportation & fuel

Dispatch & Needs Assessment

Begin on a small scale, with one property, as the Spirit leads, with available housing, enough to house volunteers and participants.As that place becomes functional to the point of being an example, expand.Build and expand on the same property and/or expand to other properties as the Holy Spirit leads.


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