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Lonna (Grandma) Swann's Story

 I was born in Oregon, while living in a 4 room cabin on my Father’s homestead which was donated to the Church of the Brethren and became Camp Myrtlewood, located in  Bridge, Oregon. I was the youngest of two daughters born to Orlin and Alma Lett.  My Dad was a logger and worked in the woods cutting down trees and we had a 30 acre farm that we moved to when I was 5 years old and I lived there until I went to College. My Sister was 7 years older and we were the only "boys" they had to work the farm along with my Mom who also was a School Teacher.  I went to LaVerne College in California and I spent 50 years in DC & MD area,

  I was married for 43 years to Rev. Floyd Swann, a wonderful, Godly, man, who went home to Jesus in 2012.  His life and smile lives on in the hearts of those who knew him.   I have a wonderful step Daughter, LaVonne, who is a Pastor of a church without walls, 4 Step Grandchildren and 3 Step Great-grandchildren. I branded myself as "Grandma Swann" and have a very large "adopted" Family all over the USA and the World (500 and counting),

  I have a mission (click on”My Ministry”) that I am passionate about, and a vision that you can be a part of.  I trust Father God, through Jesus Christ with my life and my travel., He created me and  purposed me and Father knows best!  I only go where he tells me to go.  He is my source, my healing, my joy, my peace and my love.  I love Him so much.  I'm trusting and obeying Him because I am learning how much He loves me, AND YOU TOO!  He gave his only son, Jesus for us, just so we could be in a close relationship with our Father which is in Heaven.  We all are spirits that live in a body and when we die our spirit leaves and goes either up or down, its our choice.  All we have to do is make the right choice of Jesus, His Son that He sent to earth to  bring us back into right relationship to our Father God.  ( In the bible: John 3:11-22)

He loves you so much and Father God just wants us to believe, with our heart and confess with our mouth that Jesus is the Son of Father God, and that He came to die for us, rose from the dead for us to live forever with Him when we die.

 As you look through my website, you may join me, and the many others that agree, and have a heart for the mission or the vision.  Join me on this awesome adventure, it’s never too late to FLOURISH TO THE FINISH!


Me at 3 with Dad's caulk 

logging boots

My foster brother Noah, Dad, Sister in front, me(baby) and Mom


My Dad on the job


Farm in Broadbent, Oregon       1949

Lonna at 5.jpg

Ready for CHurch

Srarted driving a tractor when I was 7 year old, next a ten ton truck, then Dad's stick shift jeep, then the stick shift car, then I had to go to school to driver's training to drive an automatic. 


Some of the wonderful Christmes  gifts we got from Germany from Sibille's family.


Some of my jobs on the farm, driving the cows to the barn and cleaning up after them.  Changing irrigation and feeding the calves.  Also feeding the chickens, and gathering eggs and hoeing, planting and harvesting the garden, and on and on.

Myrtle Point, Oregon, 1949.  This was the closest "big town" 5 miles away from our farm


4-H Project


Dad in the woods


My Sister played piano,  we were a musical family, mostly singing.  My Mom was a excellent singer and she taught herself to  play piano by hear and by note.


My Sister and me playing with the kittens

One of the rare days of snow, which was there in the morning.  I never saw it snowing until I went to Maryland.

John, our first exchange student in the first group of German students after World warII.  I was 7 he was 17, he is now 90, a retired Pastor in Germany.

Sibille was our second exchange student from Germany.  She was 17 and I was 14 we were both in High School together and sang together a lot.  She went back to Germany and worked for the exchange student service for most of her life.  She is 83 and I was blessed to visit both exchange students, and their families in 2015 when I went to Germany for a month.


Our Wedding Day, the hottest day of the year with no airconditioning in the Church in 1968

Lonna, Floyd and his Children,

Kenneth and LaVonne at the wedding

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