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Wonder Why I Have No Stress?

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Jesus and Me, on the Road to Eternity


Lonna Swann

· Jesus died for me.

· Jesus made me free.

· He saved me from myself.

· Jesus gave me eternal life.

· Jesus gave me life abundantly.

· Jesus gave me access to Him.

· Jesus gave me an example of a Godly, productive life well lived.

· He healed me.

· He protects me.

· He provides for me.

· Jesus created me.

· He sealed me.

· He knows the future.

· Jesus gave me the Holy Spirit:

o Who guides and directs me.

o Shows me I can die to sin.

o Helps me.

o Brings all things to my remembrance.

o Sanctifies me (sets me aside for His sacred purpose.

o Leads me into all righteousness.

· Jesus has my best interest at heart.

· He knew me before the world began.

· He has a plan and purpose for me.

o To do His will.

o Be His Ambassador, represent Him in this world.

o To operate in Him.

o Carry out my part in His vision.

o Love unconditionally.

o Draw and attract others to Him. (Be light and salt).

· Jesus lifts me up unto Him, like a Child.

· He knows my thoughts and loves me anyway.

· All of this, then He called me to be righteous, then He sent me into the world to tell others that they are loved by Him, and they can have Him too!

· He teaches me how to love unconditionally by loving me that way.

· When I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, He sees me through.

· He is with me in the Winters of my life.

· He helps me know how, and what to plant in the Spring.

· He teaches me stewardship as I tend to the crops in the Summer.

· When I plant and water, He gives increase in the Harvest (Fall)of my life.

· Then He prepares me for each Winter.

· Jesus gifted me with His Holy Spirit, I received His gift and now we are close.

· He is my peace, my comfort and Joy.

· When I seek Him, He is already found (there).

· He is perfecting me, training me to be in His service.

· Jesus shows me the Father, and all of His provisions.

· He provides all of my needs, (not my greed).

· I am safe in Him, “No weapon formed against me shall prosper”.

· He tells me to trust Him, He is bigger and more powerful than all!

· He cares for me, solves all my dilemmas, and answers all my questions.

· He decides the debates, spares my condemnation and His love and mercy sees me through.

· He will let me do “my own thing”. That thing that brings me temporary happiness, but no joy, fulfillment or peace.

· When I come back to Him, damaged and torn, He is always there with open arms.

· He forgives, heals, and restores me, treating me as if I had never strayed, or sinned against Him.

· Consequences are always built into sin (it will always kill something in my life), and I can choose the choice, but I can’t choose the consequences.

· He allows me to go through so I will see the devastation of my sins and make better choices, and be able to help others.

· He was with me when:

o I was disrespecting and dishonoring Him.

o I was damaging my character and my witness.

o I was damaging and destroying my Temple of the Holy Spirit, (My body).

o I Was willfully chasing the things of this world.

· Jesus was there, loving me, grieving, waiting patiently for my return.

· He searches my heart, and often finds:

o Judgement of others.

o Unkindness to others and myself.

o Dislike of myself.

o Comparison, which always leads to discontent.

o Envy, jealousy, lust and greed.

o Unhealthy, evil thoughts.

· Yet He never leaves me nor forsakes me.

· He shows me what is important to Him, and what should be important to me.

· He orchestrates my life, fine tunes me to be a useful productive instrument for His service in His Kingdom.

· God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is outside of time, but created it, and me, and is:

o Energy.

o Love.

o All powerful.

o All knowing.

o Knows and treats me individually as His Precious Child.

o Knows and numbered, every hair on my head! (What a God!)

· He teaches me of His Kingdom and His righteousness. (His Kingdom is the only one that really works).

For God so loved the world…when the world didn’t care…that He gave His only Son, Jesus. He sent Him from a Glorious Heaven to die a horrible death, just for you and me. He came to save, set free and deliver us from certain punishment, (that we deserved). We despised Him, betrayed Him, dishonored Him, whipped and spit on Him, and He healed us. We hammered nails in His hands and Feet onto a cross, hung Him between two thieves. Even though Jesus was innocent and knew no sin, they ridiculed Him, and stuck a spear in His side. Jesus knew what His mission was, and He chose to die for me, and you. There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for someone who hates you and abuses you and could care less about you. That’s LOVE!

· God made me for His purpose, supplies me with all I need to do His perfect will for my life. It is His life:

o It is not mine.

· All that I have, belongs to Him.

· All that I am, and have, is for Kingdom purposes.

· All that I have is orchestrated by the Lord.

· My desire is to glorify God, and to draw others to Him.

· I was bought with an awful price, God has the plan, I am to walk in it.

· I am not even worthy to be His servant, and Jesus calls me friend!

· To Love, trust and obey God, as a Father, and to love His children, and accept the gift of eternal life through His Son Jesus, is what He requires of me.

Lord, I want to be your Child. I believe you sent your Son Jesus to pay the price for my life. Forgive me for the sins I have committed against you. Jesus, come into my life, save me, change me into a new creature. Fully and totally, I surrender control of my Life to you.

In Jesus Name,


(If you prayed that prayer, and believed what you said in your heart, when you prayed, you are saved! God has made you free! You are a new creature in Christ Jesus! It is like being born all over, you are spiritually born and have been restored back, as a Child of the MOST HIGH GOD. HE LOVES US SO MUCH, AND IF WE CHOOSE TO DO LIFE HIS WAY THERE IS NO STRESS!

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