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Are you feeling old and dull? Read this:

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

  • The Pine Cone

  • By Lonna Swann

I used to be green, vital and fair, high and bouncing in the breezy air.

How did I get here in the dust this way? When did I get so dull and grey?

I hit the ground on a windy day, I was hurt, I said; “When will all this pain go away?”

I was shocked, dismayed, and angry, it was hard to believe, ”How could this happen to me?”

I laid there awhile trying to understand, this wasn’t in my dreams and certainly not my plan.

Then just as I was beginning to adjust, I was trampled, and driven into the dust

When I was young and growing sleek, lean and full of pride, , I had it all cranked up inside.

Now I’m useless, forgotten, I thought, “Poor me”, I felt like giving up, as low as I could be.

Then a voice in me began to say, “You are very valuable, I know, I made you that way.”

“Who, me? But I am not like I used to be!” “No, I can use you now!” It was about Him, not me!

Not much to look at, trampled and tried, to ready me for God’s purpose, I was special; I cried!

There were seeds of love and greatness in me, that would work to fulfill my destiny.

One day I was found by the side of the road, not much to look at; dull, oddly shaped and old.

He picked me up and re-purposed me, my seeds left behind, grew into a tall, beautiful tree.

So place me high for everyone to see, for like you, I have seeds of love and greatness in me

To remind that God made us perfect, valued within, when I give up my pride,

I‘ll be who I am.

I was placed right here in your hand,

For His purpose and His plan.


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