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An Orange a Day Goes a Long Way

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Thank you, Lord,

for an Orange

Eating an Orange, I have done many times, but I never appreciated it before. God made it especially succulent, tasty, and refreshing. It supplies the cells of my body with the necessary nutrients to bring me health.

It is perfectly divided into sections, so I can eat it without getting my hands sticky.

The outside peeling protects it from damage, and can even provide zest for certain recipes

with the peel. I can squeeze it to make a juicy liquid delight. It’s easy to transport and carry with me. It becomes ripe in the Winter when it is especially welcomed and sweet.

God made the Orange for me. It nourishes, heals, protects, helps my body fight off illness and disease and brings me more benefits than we know about, and it tastes good too!

As I look deeper into the Orange with a magnifier, I see smaller segments within each pre-determined slice. If I had a stronger magnifier, I could see even smaller cells, each in it’s place and full of natural goodness.

God created the first Orange tree to reproduce after it’s kind, the seed being in itself, all for my benefit. Oh, what a wonderful God you are!! You knew this day would come, that I would eat this Orange and tell of it’s joy.

Blessed be the name of the Lord!!!


An Orange is very valuable, if man does not defile it with pesticides, herbicides, depleted soil and yes, gas.and dyes. Did you know that Oranges are not naturally orange? Also man now has fixed them so they are seedless and thus cannot propagate (reproduce after his kind, google it)


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